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Application centric cloud cost optimization

Pay to AWS EC2 instances ONLY when internal users accessing the applications hosted on the servers

Operations team has better job than turning on/off servers

Yes, Operations team has more important job than spending time with users to bring servers associated with their applications. Let internal users deal with turning on/off their QA, non-production servers.

On demand-availability

Internal users can bring the servers up when they need and bring them down when they are done


INVOKE instance Runs with-in your account

Better than AWS EC2 scheduler

Cloud runs on per second billing, it doesn't make sense pay unnecessary money to servers by bringing them up at X hours and keep it till Y hours, when in REALITY we need them only for couple of hours in a day.


Because INVOKE runs with-in your account, you will have more control/security and better than sharing account details with third party website.

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