Cloud migration practices - curated list of links

by INVOKE Team

Posted on April 01, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Amazon EC2 budget savings

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Companies moving their infrastructure to cloud rapidly. Teams who are involved in cloud journey deal with lot of questions like

  1. How cloud hosting is different from on-premise data center?
  2. What sort of architectures will yield best results?
  3. How other teams solved particular issues?
  4. How to achieve maximum security?
  5. How to optimize and save costs?
And more..

Right now teams struggling to find answers for these questions because information is spread all over the internet and comprehending them is tedious process. This is what prompted us to curate a list links with best practices (or) tips, in a single place.

Based on feedback received from our reddit post (specially from user u/codencombovers), I would like to highlight that, “best practices” are “subjective”. Suggestions listed in these curated links might NOT be applicable for your architecture or setup. Treat these curated link as mere references to gain knowledge. Use your judgement while applying these practices.

Always remember that “context” which you are working-in matters while choosing a solution. There is no 100% right solution, it is just the context decides whether a solution is appropriate or not.

I feel that curated list like this will tremendously benefit community in cloud journey. I request everyone to chime-in with their inputs to have a great list of curated references.

Following are the topics I have in my mind. Feel free to suggest topics and respective references.

Network configuration (like VPC, Subnets)


  1. Best Practices for Cloud Security by Carnegie Mellon University @Donald Faatz
  2. Security Checklist - General by AWS Team

Servers maintenance



Cost Optimization

  1. AWS Cloud Pricing Pitfallls
  1. Cost Optimization with AWS - architecture, Tools and Best Practices by AWS team.


  1. Best Practices for Running Apache Cassandra on Amazon EC2
  1. Laying the Foundation: Setting Up Your Environment for Cost Optimization
  1. AWS Tagging Strategies.
  1. This is How I Reduced My CloudFront Bills by 80%

NOTE: Please note that, though "serverless" is very nice technology, it would be great if we could limit our suggestions for this repository to benefit teams who are doing lift & shift. I will create another repository for "serverless".