Identify, Manage and Reduce
your cloud spend

INVOKE enables companies

reduce AWS EC2 and Azure VM hosting bill by 50% to 80% while keeping applications available on-demand.

Optimize resource uptime

Lower your costs by starting, stopping cloud resources like EC2 instances, Azure virtual machines, databases etc., automatically when you need them on-demand or using schedulers.

Manage ununsed resources

INVOKE Cloud reporting module helps teams in identifying the resources created but not used or not being used. Using INVOKE actions, teams can clean up the unused resources.

Manage under utilized resources (Right sizing)

INVOKE Cloud reporting module helps teams in identifying the resources not being used for full or optimal capicity. Using INVOKE actions, teams can right size the unused resources.

Why Invoke

More than $17.6B cloud spend was wasted in year 2020. Idle resources, un-used resources and underutilized resources are primary reasons for this cloud spend waste. INVOKE Cloud enables companies optimize AWS, Azure resources (like EC2 Instances, Azure VM, database etc.,) and helps DevOp and FinOps team in acheving optimum cloud resource utilization.

Application centric cloud cost optimization

Pay to AWS EC2 or Microsoft Azure VM instances, databases etc., ONLY when internal users accessing the applications hosted on the servers

Better than scheduling resources for start/stop

Scheduling resource start & stop works in specific automated cases, INVOKE does support scheduling.When teams involved, more dynamic solution like limiting uptime to only they are being used yields good FinOps practice, INVOKE specialized in this skill.

On demand-availability

Internal users can bring the servers up when they need and bring them down when they are done

Flexible Deployment

INVOKE instance Runs with-in your account as IaaS or Can be deployed as Managed SaaS. Would like to learn more? Contact us


Because INVOKE runs with-in your account, you will have more control/security and better than sharing account details with third party solutions.

INVOKE features
Easy installation

INVOKE can be setup in less than 5 minutes in any environment.

Role Based Acccess Control

Configure users and groups who can bring up your servers on-demand.


Helps teams with dynamic reports on un-used, under utlized resources.

Simply type URL in any browser

Just type the URL for your application to bring your severs up (example: http://qa.abc.com). NO MORE WAITING UNTIL SCHEDULED TIME TO ACCESS APPLICATION.

invoke features
Supported cloud providers
EC2 Instance scheduler

Amazon Web Services

Azure runbooks

Microsoft Azure

Azure runbooks

Google Cloud Platform


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