Manage cloud waste and automate cloud cost controls.

Optimize cloud resources uptime

One of the primary cloud spend waste is, "Keeping the resources up and running while no one using".

INVOKE is better than AWS EC2 scheduler because it helps in keeping the resources uptime ONLY when they are needed instead of bringing up and leaving them at scheduled intervals when no one using or needed them.

There are few cases where scheduling is best suited. INVOKE has better and easier to configure scheduling engine in case scheduling is what serves the purpose.

Optimize cloud resource uptime

Understand & act on ununsed cloud resources

Unused AWS Cloud resources

The second important cloud spend waste is, "Not cleaning up the cloud resources when no one using them.".

INVOKE Cloud helps with reporting on the unused cloud resources like EIP, EBS disks, VMs which are not started for awhile etc.,. Not only reporting, INVOKE can be used to clean up these resources periodically (either automatically or manually)

Right Sizing - Understand & act on underutlized cloud resources

Over provising resources is another cloud cost consumers need to be aware of.

Over provisoned VMs, databases and other resources could results in 30% to 40% unnecessary spend. INVOKE utilizes AWS recommendations to identify the over provisoned resources and report them as configured.

Under utilized AWS resources

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